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Travel, Boating, Flying, Horses, Business and Communications.

I am a career feature writer for magazines and newspapers, as well as the author of 17 books. My chief topics include travel, outdoor sports, profiles of interesting people, history for the general public, unusual places and events, maritime subjects. Like most professionals, however, I write on a wide variety of experiences and researched topics. I am particularly familiar with Washington and British Columbia, but I write about all of the West and beyond. For six years I also wrote for several trade magazines and those in the radio broadcasting field. Among my several hundred published articles are those in recent and/or random years:

Skyward (JAL), Porthole Cruise Magazine, Beaver, Horizon Air, American Cowboy Travel, Washington Travel & Life, Radisson Seven Seas Magazine, Christian Science Monitor

Windstar Cruise Magazine, Meetings West, Singapore Airlines Priority Magazine, Early American Life, Nevada, Persimmon Hill, Highroads (AAA Arizona)

Sailing, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Phoenix magazine, Sea, Canadian Geographic, Winds (old Japan Air), Oceans, Westways, Travel/Holiday cover story, short piece for Travel & Leisure

Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo), Seattle, Seattle Times, Yachting, Mobil Motorist, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Billboard, Catholic Forester

Hawaiian Airlines magazine, Denver Rocky Mountain News, San Antonio Express-News, Aloha, Leisure World, Climbing, Explore

Ambassadair's Journey, Highlights for Children, Sea, The Rotarian, Seattle P.I., Portland Oregonian, American West

Northwest Living, Cruise Travel, Compass (Cont. Ins. Co. corporate), Washington, Los Angeles Magazine, AAA World, Chevron USA, Aloha

Horse & Rider, Pacific Yachting, Canadian Airlines, Nevadan, Arizona Daily Star,
and many others

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