JoAnn Roe

Ranald MacDonald, Pacific Rim Adventurer
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Ranald MacDonald:
Pacific Rim Adventurer

Joann Roe
WSU Press, 1997
ISBN 0-87422-140-3 (paper)
ISBN 0-87422-146-1 (cloth)

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The unusual story of the son of a late 1800s adventurer, son of a Chinook mother and a Scottish father, Archibald MacDonald (a Hudson's Bay fur factor at Astoria, Oregon). His mother died of childbirth complications, and he was raised by his father's second wife, a Swiss pioneer. Groomed to follow his father's profession, he graduated from HBC's Winnipeg schools. After a few days on a bookkeeper's stool, he ran off to sea. His adventures spanned the world, including Japan. Imprisoned at Nagasaki he taught English to 14 Japanese interpreters, two of which met Commodore Perry and his black ships. Later he was involved in the Canadian gold rush to Barkerville. His adventures fueled promotion for a trans-Canada railroad, so Canadians could access trade with the Orient.

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