JoAnn Roe

Writing Samples

"The morning sun struggles to gain altitude over the Absaroka Range of the Rocky Mountains. The cold, dry air snatches one's breath and condenses it into steam, frosting glasses. The only sound is the faint munching of unafraid, snow-dusted bison..."
(from Mobil Motorist, Winter 1985)

"Having enjoyed geysers and wild animals at Yellowstone National Park, Ted and I headed for the hills of Targhee National Forest on U.S. Highway 20 south. A Statler Brothers' CD boomed out country music that seemed just right for the start of a lariat loop route on mostly two-lane roads."
(from American Cowboy, Sept-Oct. 2007)

"Bali is as romantic as the South Seas of your imagination, its steep mountains and waterfalls descending to pristine beaches lined with palms. Temple bells ring, and the rhythms of the gamelans — drums, gongs and zylophones — are never far away.
(from Westways, July 1989)

"Like a Bedouin on a camel topping a rise in the sand and finding an oasis stretched before him, I descended a hill and rounded a curve at Page, Arizona, to encounter the Lake Powell National Golf Course."
(from AAA Highroads, March-April 2006)

"But given the very nature of the proposition, some people might think holding a meeting at a historic place is regressive, not progressive. 'Not so,' says Jane Mannex, corporate events manager of Nike. 'A lot of meetings at the corporate level are advertising summits, creating conferences or board meetings. It is helpful to surround the attendees with atmosphere.' "
(from Meetings West, April 2002)

"It didn't seem possible, but the rail of the 51-foot Questa kissed the water now and then, not in a saltwater gale, but 3,000 feet above sea level on a lake in Montana. But what a lake!"
(from Sailing, April 2002)

"Libby loved golf, had plenty of money, and did not stint on quality. For his golf course he hired George Thomas, who later designed the L.A. Country Club, Riviera, and Bel Air courses. Thomas put his heart and soul into the project. He patterned one hole at the Ojai course after the famous third at Pine Valley Golf Club and built a similar hole next to it."
(from Luxury Golf, May/June 2001, a straightforward news story)

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